Reviews of Ashley Blaker


Relentlessly funny. There’s no doubting that Blaker brings something totally unprecedented to stand-up. ★★★★

The Jewish Chronicle, Review of Meshuga Frum



Has audiences rolling on the floor.

The Jerusalem Post



Glorious. Ashley has a very strong style of comedy that only a few can pull off.

Jewish Telegraph, Review of Meshuga Frum



In his unique style, Ashley didn’t disappoint. A night full of jokes.

The Jewish Weekly, Review of Meshuga Frum



Laughter all the way.

Alondon Magazine, Review of Meshuga Frum



Lots of laughs of recognition.

Chortle, Review of Meshuga Frum



A sharply funny 90 minutes which is currently rocking them in the aisles all over Jewish Britain.

The Times of Israel, Feature on Ungefiltered



A Haredi Michael McIntyre.




Hilarious. A perfect balance of religion and popular culture. It’s an ideal night full of Jewish comedy. ★★★★

The Jewish Chronicle, Review of Ungefiltered



He sends up religious and secular Jews alike and they roar with laughter.

Jewish Renaissance Magazine



His act has to be seen to be appreciated and it really is appreciated.

The Jewish Chronicle, Feature from October 2015



Laugh out loud.

Alondon Magazine



A barrel of laughs.

Mishpacha Magazine



Blaker can take whatever direction his life goes in and make that funny.

Ami Magazine



I loved this. Such a unique perspective. It’s excellent.

Matt Lucas, Actor and writer



I was absolutely crying with laughter. Genius! Absolutely brilliant.

David Schneider, Comedian and writer