A slickly funny stand-up show. He is proof that even the most reverent enjoy a little irreverence.

Imagine John Oliver in a yarmulke.

A special vein of comic material. ★★★★

Has audiences rolling on the floor.

Relentlessly funny. There’s no doubting that Blaker brings something totally unprecedented to stand-up. ★★★★

The one-liner strike rate is impressive. An excellent half-hour.

A Haredi Michael McIntyre.

Hilarious. Delivered with precision timing, Seinfeld-like.

Extraordinary. Blaker raises the bar in kosher entertainment.

A sharply funny 90 minutes.

The show reinforced the notion that comedy can – and should – bridge the gap between communities through mutual and respectful humour. ★★★★

A fascinating debut show. Blaker is a great presenter and there are jokes aplenty. Recommended.