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Jerusalem Post – Article from July 2017


Jewish Chronicle – Review of ‘Meshuga Frum’ from February 2017


South African Jewish Report – Feature from August 2017


Jewish Chronicle – Article written by me from January 2017


Jerusalem Post – Article from December 2016


JLife Magazine – Interview from February 2017


Jewish Chronicle – Article written by me from May 2016


Times of Israel – Article from February 2016


Jewish Chronicle – Review of ‘Ungefiltered’ from December 2015


Jewish Chronicle – Article from October 2015


Jewish Telegraph – Funny (hopefully) interview with me from June 2016.


Jewish Tribune – Article from October 2015


Jewish Telegraph – Profile from December 2016


Mishpacha Weekly – Article from January 2013 in which they got slightly carried away and called me ‘Britain’s king of comedy’. Maybe they meant Edgware’s (and even then it’s debatable)


Alondon Magazine – Article from March 2016 in the magazine for Israelis living in the UK (also in English here)


Jewish Renaissance Magazine – Article from July 2016 profiling different Jewish comedians


Jewish Telegraph – Article from January 2016 about my car breaking down in Manchester (it was a slow news week in the North!)


Jewish Telegraph – Article from February 2016 about me having lunch in London (it was an even slower news week in the North!)


Sussex Jewish News – Review of Ungefiltered from April 2016


New West End Magazine – Review of Ungefiltered written by 13 year old Alex Miller





Jew In The City – Article from May 2017 – Article from July 2015





Talksport – Interview from February 2017


BBC World Service – Feature on Outlook in January 2016





BBC Blog – Creating The Matt Lucas Awards


Chat Show Roulette – BBC page


Britain Versus The World – BBC page


Couples – BBC page


Josh Howie’s Losing It – BBC page


Pompidou – BBC page


The Matt Lucas Awards – BBC page


That Was The Tweet That Was – BBC page