About Ashley Blaker

Ashley Blaker isn’t your average orthodox Jewish man: he is also an internationally acclaimed comedian.


He has had two sell-out UK tours  and also performed tours in Israel and South Africa. He recently began his assault on the USA with a five-week run Off-Broadway of what the New York Times called ‘a slickly funny stand-up show’.


His BBC Radio 4 show ‘Ashley Blaker’s Goyish Guide To Judaism’ will air in 2018.


In his spare time, Ashley Blaker is an award-winning comedy writer and producer for radio and TV.


While at the BBC, he was responsible for first unleashing the comedy phenomenon ‘Little Britain’ and he has worked with a who’s who of TV comedy. His company Black Hat Productions is currently making several new series for BBC Radio 4.


If he has any time after that, then it’s spent being run ragged by his six children.